Street Artists Unveiled #1

It’s now almost a month ago I sent off my first blog post as Dutch Girl in London. I then wrote about the street art tour I had taken around Brick Lane area, just ‘round the corner from where I live.
Feeling inspired by the tour, my camera and I have been obsessively scouring the East London streets since then. I have also been looking through my archive of street art pics as I had never made an attempt before to look up the artists.

There are too many photos to put in one post, so I made a very small selection and am focusing on four artists in this post. More photos and background stories will obviously follow in future. In the meantime, you can admire all my street art pics on my Flickr page and Facebook page!

Alex Face

Alex Face

Suddenly they appeared on Brick Lane, these huge cute babies. These are the creations of Thai street artist Alex Face. He started to explore the Bangkok streets out of his interest in architecture (he studied architecture) and from there developed an interest in street art.
His own baby girl has been the inspiration for Alex’ baby murals. You can find them in more parts of Brick Lane.

Alex Face


Odeith is a Portugese street artist specialised in 3D works, and is also a tattoo artist. He lived in London for a few years, but has now returned to Portugal.
I discovered this mural last week in a dodgy looking parking area on Brick Lane. I wouldn’t dare to walk in there in the night! The entire space was covered in street art so my camera had a very busy time there!


This work by Odeith was absolutely my favourite one there. The 3D effect is stunning and caught my eye immediately. Before I realised, I uttered a loud ‘wooooooow’ in admiration. The colour of the fox perfectly matched the autumn coloured leaves on the ground. On the right of the fox you can see the London skyline which subtly features Big Ben, Parliment and the London Eye.


In the same dodgy parking area was this work by Greek artist SER. It is a funny looking piece which reminded me of some kind of swamp monster from a cult science fiction film.


When I looked up the artist, I discovered that it isn’t meant as a funny cartoon though, but actually satirises the Greek debt crisis. After learning this, the words Deluxe Crisis suddenly made sense to me. Read this post by fellow blogger Inspiring City to learn all about the works and ideas of Corfu-based SER.

Conor Harringon

Born in Ireland, painter and street artist Conor Harrington has been based in East London for the last years now. The works I have seen by him are all huge, archaic murals. The characters depicted in them are often baroque soldiers. Here are some photos of his works I took over the last years.

Conor Harrington

Collaboration Maser & Conor Harrington

Conor Harrington

Fashion Street

Conor Harrington

Hanbury Street


Andrews Road

8 thoughts on “Street Artists Unveiled #1

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  3. esther van den bergh

    Thanks for the additional information about the artists! I love to see more of these pictures re graffity. Thanks!

  4. Cissy

    Odeith is awesome! He realy looks at his surroundings and makes it work. Hope to see more of your blog and of the street artists you find soon!
    Greetings from the grrrl across the pond! Cissy

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