My Valentine’s Wedding Proposal

Happy Valentine’s to all love birds out there! Have a lovely day with whomever you’re spending it and whatever you’re doing. Don’t expect a sugary post from me as I am rather like the Scrooge of Valentine’s Day. I don’t believe in a day of romance forced upon us by retailers. My adversity towards Valentine’s might have to do with the fact that I’ve never received any Valentine’s cards from secret admirers. The only cards I’ve received on this day were from my mum and brother… In secondary school we could anonymously send roses to the fellow-students we had a crush on. I remember siting anxiously at my desk with sweaty palms when they would deliver the roses in each class. While my friends were often wooed with red roses from their secret admirers, I obviously didn’t receive any. I believe these to be the underlying reasons for my indifference towards Valentine’s Day.


Three years ago things changed dramatically when hubby asked me to marry him. As you might have guessed so far, I am not a particular romantic soul. My ultimate idea of romance would be a nice meal in my tummy washed down with a glass of Belgian beer and a cinema date. Hubby on the other hand is a big romantic. I guess it must have been quite a challenge for him to find the right time for the proposal and it definitely took him lots of guts to ask me, probably the most non-romantic girl he’s ever known, to be his missus.

The Wedding Proposal

The big event took place at our favourite local Italian restaurant. I suspected a possible marriage proposal was afoot and felt nervous throughout the entire meal. During each course I wondered when it was going to happen. Would he pop the question while I’d be munching away my starter? Or would he have the waiter hide a ring in my glass of wine? (I took tiny sips to ensure I wouldn’t accidentally swallow any possible diamond-studded piece of jewellery in my drink!) By the time we got to our desserts, I accepted the fact that I wasn’t to change my Facebook profile from single girl to engaged woman that evening after all. While I was very inelegantly devouring the delicious Tiramisu, there came the big question after all! Thankfully hubby didn’t go down on one knee, but he did give me a fantastic ring to seal the deal. Although I had obviously anticipated this moment, I didn’t know how to respond. After some prompting from him a few minutes later I, very non-romantically, confirmed with an confirmative ‘yes’. And so it was done, I was to be an engaged lady.

My super funky engagement ring, by Shaun Leane.

And They Lived Happily Ever After

Less than six months later we said our vows in front of our family and friends and I can’t deny it, it was the most amazing day in my life. I noticed this unfamiliar warm fuzzy feeling in my body that lingered for days and felt really loved by everybody who attended our special day. We had planned our wedding day entirely by ourselves in just a few months time and it was exactly as we wanted it.

Mr & Mrs Dutch Girl, made by Jennifer Co

With Love,

Zarina, formerly known as the Scrooge of Valentine’s Day

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