24 Hours Instagram Diary – Netherlands

I’m currently back in the Netherlands and went on a 24H tour around the country to meet & greet with friends. When I rushed out the house in the morning, I forgot to take my photo camera with me, but took some shots on my phone and posted them on Instagram during the day. Here is my 24H Instagram diary.

16.30 – Flying over The Channel


08.45 – Heusden

Winter Wonderland shot from the bus window.


09.30 – Den Bosch 

Floating tree at Den Bosch Central Station.


13.00 – Utrecht

Original element of the former church which now houses Belgian beer pub Olivier. I met a friend there for a delicious lunch (sadly without a Belgian beer due to antibiotics [insert VERY sad face here]…)


15.30 – Den Bosch Central station

Back to Den Bosch to meet another friend for drinks and dinner. This fountain with Golden Dragon is right outside the train station.


15.35 – Brede Haven Den Bosch

Dutch bikes and architecture, how picturesque.


15.45 – Markt @ Den Bosch

Extrovert mannequins showing the latest Dutch fashion.


15.46 – Stadhuis Den Bosch

The town hall of Den Bosch, which  grew from a tiny 13th-century brick house into this grand building. The banners on the front depict details from paintings by prolific painter Jheronimus Bosch who was born in the city of Den Bosch in 1450 as Jheronimus van Aken. He adopted the city name and died there in 1516. His oeuvre is scattered over the world, but none of it remained in the Netherlands. For the 500th anniversary of the painter’s death, this year for the first time most of his works briefly return to their place of origin. You can visit the unique exhibition ‘Visions of Genius’ till 8 May 2016. More info here.


15.50 – Markt Den Bosch

Statue of Jheronimus Bosch in the market square, near the site of his home.


16.30 – Eetbar DIT @ Den Bosch

Spring happiness in a vase followed by a plate of happiness shortly afterwards at café & restaurant DIT.


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