Get Ready for ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 with Zombie Expert John Cleese


When zombies roam the world (photo from Shutterstock).

WARNING: this post might not be suitable for non-viewers of The Walking Dead or those who haven’t seen the complete series yet.

Hands up if you’re as psyched as me for the start of the new The Walking Dead season this week! It’s been a long cruel summer of sleepless nights filled with hallucinatory images of the season 6 finale episode and Negan’s brain-splitting baseball bat fashionably adorned in barb wire. While ‘some people’ couldn’t stop complaining about the summer weather (or rather the lack of summer weather) or discussing Brexit and the American elections, I used these last months more productively by philosophising which one of our walker slaying friends won’t have to worry about the unfortunate event of running into Carol or Morgan ever again. Now I don’t expect we’ll find out whose head will be attached to the other end of Lucille in the first couple of episodes of season 7 (please dear zombie TV series writers, do not torture us even more by dedicating the first episodes to the utterly annoying characters of born again Christian Carol or total Zen non-lethal zombie fighter Morgan), but at least we’ll be put out of our misery soon – as is Negan’s yet unknown victim.

To get you in the mood for the new season, here’s a very enlightening and most entertaining recap of season 1 to 6 by none other than John Cleese. Who figured him as a The Walking Dead fan?!

Season 7 of AMC’s The Walking Dead premieres on Sunday 23 October in the USA and on Monday 24 October across Europe.

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