Happy Birthday to Me! From Baby Choir to 39 Years of Awesomeness

While some people are celebrating Mother’s Day today or are still recovering from the much-anticipated Eurovision Song Contest viewing last night, I’m enjoying the last few hours of my birthday weekend.

39 years ago I was born on Saturday 12 May, just in time for Dutch Mother’s Day the following day! From the moment I was born, I’ve always loved being in control. My mum always enjoys telling the story of how I was the only baby girl in the maternity ward and whenever I started to cry, all the baby boys around me would join in. We ‘sang’ with such passion, that the nurses even had a special nickname for us: zangkoor wèèèèèh, choir wèèèèèh in English. You see, I’ve made boys cry from day one, haha!

Happy birthday to me // birthday card!

This is a pretty lazy post to be honest. Yesterday I had an awesome bunch of friends over for a relaxed afternoon party and while it finished early, I think there’s still plenty of cava flowing around in my blood stream at the moment. However, I wouldn’t want to miss my Sunday blog date with you because of this of course!  So,that’s why I decided to give you a little glimpse of my birthday weekend! #bloggerslife

Let them (be able to) eat cake

I don’t think a birthday could be complete without birthday cake. For yesterday’s party, I attempted to make a vegan cake consisting of two layers of fruit (mango and berries). Although it pretty much resembled the mouth-watering cake as the one on Dutch blogger Mariette’s website (Dutch recipe here), the guests almost broke their teeth on the spelt-flour crust I made for it. It was the first ever cake I’ve made from scratch and I’m not sure if there will ever be second one. Luckily, one of my birthday presents was this fantastic looking (and tasting) unicorn cake. A big hit will all the kids – who thankfully didn’t have to break their fragile teeth on the cake I made…

Happy birthday to me // unicorn cake!

Besides the ‘pony cake’ there were presents galore, including a family heirloom from a very generous friend (and of my most loyal readers, thank you Esther). I also got this fantastic collection of film noir box sets and stunning Taschen book on the film genre filled with beautiful photos from hubby. Over the years I’ve come to realise that film noir is actually one of my favourite film genres. I’m fascinated with the look of the films, the intense plot and often surprising twists, and I also always enjoy the typical way people spoke at the time (which seems to be much faster and high-pitched?).
Happy birthday to me // presents!

Avant-metal and jazz to end the weekend

One of the many other presents hubby gave me, was a ticket to the live show of experimental saxophonist Colin Stetson with his band Ex Eye. Now as I normally wouldn’t voluntarily go see a saxophone player perform live, Colin Stetson is quite something else! Not only does one of his saxophones look like a Viking instrument (which probably weighs a ton, explaining his impressive buff physique), at moments it felt like I was at a heavy metal concert!
Happy birthday to me // Colin Stetson
Do you remember the band Dog Eat Dog from the 90s? Well, Ex Eye is the grown up version of them, with a much cleaner, much heavier and way more impressive sound. Stetson’s impressive use of circular breathing often results in very hypnotic rhythms. Combined with shredding guitar sounds, exciting drums and electronics, this was a truly captivating performance and one of the best concerts I’ve seen in a long time!

As hubby and I will try to decide what to have for dinner now, I’ll leave you with a little taster of Ex Eye:

Thanks for reading this little birthday post! Have a lovely week and I hope to see you here next week Sunday again for a freshly pressed blog post! 
Zarina xx

PS: in the big photo at the top of this blog post you can see me on my first birthday with our neighbours in Amsterdam where we lived at the time on the left and a photo of me taken yesterday on the right.


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me! From Baby Choir to 39 Years of Awesomeness

  1. Fijn dat je zo’n leuke verjaardag had! Wat een ontzettend leuke anecdote en foto van je als baby.
    Ex Eye had ik nog nooit van gehoord maar inderdaad zeer indrukwekkend, wat een enorme sax! Een geweldig cadeau, zo’n optreden.
    Met al die mooie cadeaus kan ik mij voorstellen dat je je echt jarig voelde!

    En zo’n cake of taart gewoon nogmaals proberen hoor, dat is een kwestie van oefenen. Elke oven is net weer even anders dus als je die leert kennen dan gaat het meestal al een stuk beter, dan kun je het recept een beetje aanpassen. Ik vond het altijd wel leuk vroeger om appeltaart, cake of koekjes te bakken. Het ruikt dan ook altijd zo lekker in huis! Mijn oma deed dat elk weekeinde, en ook voor de kleinkinderen hun verjaardagen altijd speciaal een slagroomtaart. Lekker hoor! Vooral in september, dan waren er vier van de vijf jarig…. 🙂

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