Reflections #5: Anglo-Saxons, Kinshasa Beats and Games of Thrones

Anglo Saxons British Library // Dutch Girl in London

On the last Sunday of the month, I always write a little recap of that month for my series Reflections. Today I’m looking back at the exciting new music I’ve discovered and the 33 (!!) films and series I’ve seen so far this year.

New exciting music

Whenever we’re not watching films, chances are hubby and I are listening to music. This month our favourite radio station, BBC Radio 6 Music, introduced me to two new exciting tracks.

The first one is Doorman by British musicians Slowthai and Mura Musa. The second track is Azo Toke by the collective Kokoko! from Kinshasa. It doesn’t matter if it’s 7 in the morning or 11 at night, whenever I hear these songs I can’t help to wave my hands in the air and shake my booty. I don’t think it’s a charming sight, haha.

Want to hear for yourself what all the fuzz is about? Then have a listen here below! It’s also worth looking up Kokoko! online and see how they use plastic bottles, scrap metal and even an old toaster to create their energetic tunes!

In January I wrote 5 blog posts

Well, 6 including this one of course…



This month I watched 33 films and series!

Okay, this is not entirely true because I also added the films and series that didn’t make it to last year’s recap. You might remember that I wrote the previous Reflections on New Year’s Eve just before hubby and I were about to start our annual holiday film tradition. On New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day we have a 2-day film marathon. On one day we watch films chosen by either me or hubby and the following day we watch the film choices by the other.

My choices usually include some 80s and 90s ‘classics’ (that often unfortunately don’t pass the test of time…). In this list you can recognise hubby’s films marked with a *, while my choices are marked with a **.

January recommendations

  • The Green Butchers*
  • Split
  • Glass
  • The Old Man & the Gun
  • Stan & Ollie
  • Sharp Objects (HBO series)
  • The Kominsky Method (Netflix series)
  • The Sisters Brothers

New in the cinema / on Netflix

  • Bird Box**
  • Black Mirror: Bandersnatch
  • The Upside
  • Mary Queen of Scots
  • The Good Place season 3 (Netflix)

Meh, not that great

  • The Favourite
  • Support the Girls
  • 22 July
  • Miss Violence

Old(er) films

  • Point Blank*
  • Bottle Rocket
  • Slaughterhouse-Five*
  • Daft Punk’s Electroma*
  • Virile Games*
  • Mary Poppins**
  • Demolition Man**
  • Beetlejuice**
  • Contratiempo / The Invisible Guest**
  • The Grand Budapest Hotel
  • Gone Girl
  • Gone
  • Identity
  • The Girl in the Spider’s Web
  • Johnny English Strikes Again


  • FYRE: the greatest party that never happened

January was also the month HBO dropped the teaser for the final Game of Thrones season!

If you are a Game of Thrones fan like me, then you’ve probably watched this little clip at least once already. I have to say, I very much enjoy the TV series but really had no idea of the significance of all the many tiny details in this clip.

Did you also feel rather puzzled after watching it? Then I recommend watching this detailed analysis of it. Although I couldn’t remember most of those scenes either, it was still helpful and made me even more excited about the new (and sadly final) season. Season 8 of Game of Thrones will air from April 2019.

There was also time to see some art!

  • Anglo-Saxons at the British Library: (where the main image of this article ws taken) this was actually the second time I went to see this show. I was hoping it would be a bit quieter this time around, but it was even busier! Although I find all the exhibitions at the British Library very engaging, I’m surprised this specific topic keeps attracting such a big crowd! It closes on 19 February, so hurry up if you want to go see it as well!
  • Anni Albers at Tate Modern: I didn’t really know of this artist before, neither had I really considered the connections between weaving and art. I found this exhibition surprising, moving and inspiring. It was funny to see that Anni Albers was connected to Black Mountain College and therefore also Robert Rauschenberg (in whose home in Florida I lived and worked for 6 weeks during the artist residency almost two years now already!).

Anni Albers exhibition at Tate Modern

  • Staging Jackson Pollock at Whitechapel Gallery: the centrepiece of this show is Jackson Pollock’s Summertime 9A (1948), which returned to this east London gallery after its UK premiere there 60 years ago. You can see photos of the original exhibition and also rare archive materials about the organisation (staging) of the original show. (On until 24 March 2019.)

Staging Pollock exhibition at Whitechapel Gallery

  • Modern Couples at Barbican: this blockbuster show explores how relationships between creatives can influence and initiate art. Some of these relationships you might have known about already – like Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera and also Lee Miller & Man Ray – but some seemed a bit far-fetched to me, just for the sake to be able to include them in the exhibition, such as the suggested relationship between Salvador Dalí and Federico García Lorca.
  • Surreal Science at Whitechapel Gallery: this show was utterly wild and I loved it! For this show, the Italian artist Salvatore Arancio was invited to select and respond to the collection of George Loudon. This Dutch collector owned 200 curious scientific objects, ranging from anatomical specimens from taxidermied animals to bisected human skulls and papier-mâché flowers.

Surreal Science exhibition at Whitechapel Gallery

Surreal Science exhibition at Whitechapel Gallery

Surreal Science exhibition at Whitechapel Gallery

My favourite photos on Instagram

Did you know that I have 4 Instagram accounts? Yes, it’s quite difficult to keep up with them, but it helps me focus on my specific interests. I use one of those accounts mostly for posting my music videos (@ladymodular, in case you’re interested), but the others for photos. And these were my personal favourites for these three accounts in the last month. What do you think?

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The murals on this specific wall in Shoreditch change constantly and while pretty much each of them are outstanding, I think this one dating back to 2014 by Melbourne-based artist Rone (@r_o_n_e) is one of my favourites. Can’t wait to visit Melbourne for the first time next month and find more street art gems over there! Got any tips for Melbourne? Please let me know! 👍🏼 • • • #streetart #rone #mural #shoreditch #shoreditchstreetart #muralart #eastlondon #hanburystreetart #hanburystreet #streetartphotography #streetartblogger #londonblogger #dutchblogger #travelblogger #artblogger #london #thisislondon #londonerscity #reisblogger #kunstblogger #reismeisje #artiseverywhere #freeart #publicart #bestoftheday #instacool #artwork #melbourne

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“Life begins the day you start a garden.” – Chinese proverb • (Scroll down for English) De laatste flat lay voor mijn Canada-reeks waarin ik met voorwerpen een aantal hoogtepunten van mijn roadtrip door West-Canada beschrijf. Vandaag geen voorwerpen, maar een foto die ik nam in de Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden in Vancouver. Ik ontdekte deze openbare tuin puur per toeval, want het ligt nogal verscholen. Dit is de eerste Chinese tuin die buiten China is aangelegd (1986) en volgt de filosofische principes van Feng shui en het Taoïsme. Ik was er in oktober 2004 (!) en werd er getrakteerd op een ware kleurenexplosie! (Meer over deze reis op mijn blog trouwens.) • The final flat lay of my Canada series in which I described a few highlights of my road trip through West Canada. No objects today, but a photo I took at the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden in Vancouver. I discovered this public garden entirely by chance as it's quite hidden. This was the first Chinese garden to be constructed outside of China (1986) and follows the philosophical principles of Feng shui and Taoism. I visited the garden in October 2004 (!) and was treated to this sublime explosion of colour! (More about this trip on my blog by the way.) #flatlay #canada #westcanada #autumn #inspiredbypetals #autumnleaves #fall #visitcanada #travelstory #travelmemory #collage #reisblogger #travelblogger #donethatbeenthere #roadtrip #bestoftheday #reismeisje #reisverhaal #contentcreator #contentcreation #chinesegarden #vancouver #visitvancouver #findyourhappiness #pagoda #pagode #inspirationalquotes #inspiration

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There are a few great viewing points in London from where you have a good view of St Paul’s Cathedral, one of my favourite buildings in the city. I took this photo of St Pauls from Tate Modern, just on the other side of the Thames. Tate Modern might be my favourite building in London actually. Originally built as a power station, this concrete beauty now houses on of the world’s leading museums for contemporary art. Even if you’re not interested in art, I urge you to just wander into Tate and be overwhelmed by its sheer size and brutal architecture. The modern Millennium Bridge connects St Paul’s Cathedral and Tate Modern. When crossing this bridge, make sure to look down towards your feet. This is the only way to find the miniature artworks by Ben Wilson, painted on the bits of chewing gum spat out by careless pedestrians. What’s your favourite London building? • • • #london #londonview #stpauls #stpaulscathedral #thisislondon #blackandwhite #blackandwhitephotography #amateurphotography #zwartwit #zwartwitfotografie #londonerscity #londonblogger #girlnoir #noirgirl #dutchgirlinlondon #dutchblogger #travelblogger #reisblogger #expat #expatlife #reismeisje #bestoftheday #instacool #tatemodern #viewingpoint #londonviewpoints

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Congratulation if you made it to the end of this blog post, haha! I hope you enjoyed this month’s recap. As always I’m eager to hear what you’ve been up to this month so let me know in a comment below!
Thank you, Zarina xx

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