Reflections #6: Our New Worm Pets and Meeting My Tallest Fan

Reflections February 2019 // Dutch Girl in London

On the last Sunday of the month, I always write a little recap of that month for my series Reflections. In today’s review: our new pets, meeting my tallest fan and the winner of my recent blog giveaway!

Meet our new pets!

Hubby and I are proud to announce that we have adopted a few unusual pets. Yup, those are worms you see in the photo! We received a special delivery of about 50 wriggly worms recently and made a nice cosy home for them. I have to say they aren’t as cuddly as I imagined… Okay, I’ll be serious for a moment. Hubby actually received the worms for a special project related to soil and the crucial part worms play in the fertility of soil. He’s working on this project with visual artist Kasia Molga.

Reflections February 2019 // Dutch Girl in London

On the left the special breathable bag the worms were delivered in. And in the photo on the right you can see hubby putting the microphone in the soil.

I’m not entirely sure when and in what form the final installation will be presented, but hubby has a few hours’ worth of sound recordings of worms for it. I’ve heard some clips of it and it’s rather creepy and far more unsettling than you would imagine!

My personal highlight of the month

Was definitely the moment when I was immediately recognised as Lady Modular by book editor Eva Prinz and her partner Thurston Moore (guitarist of Sonic Youth) upon entering a room! It was quite bizarre as Eva had seen my music videos on Instagram for the first time just a few days before and really loved what I did. And there I was suddenly, and she managed to recognise me within a second!

Reflections February 2019 // Dutch Girl in London

The context: hubby was invited to be part of the 8-day long celebrations of what would have been the 90th birthday of the late French music composer Luc Ferrari. Every day there were live performances at music venue Cafe Oto in Dalston, east London, preceded by film screenings at Close-Up just off Brick Lane. Besides my little moment of fame, it was such a great evening where I met so many lovely people including Luc Ferrari’s widow Brunhild who attended all the events and was the driving force behind it all.

If you want to know more about Luc Ferrari, you can read hubby’s blog post on his website here. And I’d also like to recommend the brand-new book Complete Works of Luc Ferrari, which is the first monograph on Ferrari in English. It’s written by Brunhild Ferrari and edited by Eva Prinz and Catherine Marcangeli (the latter also did the translation).

And the winner is…

Do you remember the special giveaway I announced on my blog a few weeks ago to celebrate 5 years of Dutch Girl in London? I’m happy to announce we have a winner! Natasha Barnes received these typical Dutch treats for leaving me the following suggestion.

I’d love to see more book recommendations! Love all the arts and culture stuff but particularly interested to see what you and others are reading.

Considering I know a lot of people who read a lot, I think this could make for a great blog series asking my friends ‘whatcha reading?’. Thanks again Natasha!

Reflections February 2019 // Dutch Girl in London

In February I wrote the following blog posts

Reflections February 2019 // Dutch Girl in London

  • The Dutch Girl Tales #10: Vrienden maken in het buitenland. Hoe doe je dat?: in this month’s Dutch-language post I shared some general tips for making friends abroad as an expat, illustrated with my personal success (and failure) stories.
  • Bag to the Future: not a day goes by that I don’t receive press releases or invitations to events. Unfortunately 92.43% of them aren’t necessarily relevant for me, you or my brand. But when the Swedish ambassador asked me to join him for cocktails and traditional Swedish dishes in his private residence, I couldn’t refuse. Find out what happened that night in this blog post!
  • Secret London Tip: Discover the Petrie Museum, Home to the World’s 4th Largest Ancient Egyptian Collection!: the British Museum is of course THE place to see ancient Egyptian artefacts in London, but don’t miss out on this secret museum, which just happens to house the world’s fourth largest ancient Egyptian collection!
  • Take Five: 5 Cultural Things to do in Central London: in the series Take Five on my travel blog Miss Travel Clogs I always share 5 cultural travel tips with you. From great record shops to special bookshops, good museums, cool neighbourhoods or the best places to sample local cuisine. In this blog post: 5 cultural things to do in Central London!
  • Off the Map: Confessions of a Map Lover: I can’t deny it, I truly love maps, and especially historical world maps. I find it both an intriguing and romantic idea that by looking at vintage maps now, we can get an idea of how people saw the world and their place in it hundreds of years ago. In this blog post I confessed my obsession with maps and how I’ve seen some changes on them during my life!

Reflections February 2019 // Dutch Girl in London

Films and series to watch

After last month’s massive film & TV list, the one for February looks a bit sad. February has been a disappointing month regarding new cinema releases. I suspect the school holidays and upcoming Oscar awards have to do with this.

Instead of going to the cinema, hubby and I have been mainly binge-watching The Office US on Amazon Prime. So, what’s been on my watch list for February?

New in the cinema / On Demand

  • The Mule
  • Close
  • MLE (My Little Eye) directed by my friend Sarah Warren who also stars in it. She filmed most of it in east London, just round the corner from her and our house, before she moved to LA. (Amazon Prime)

February recommendations

  • Roma (Netflix)


  • The Office US (season 1+2)

Meh, not that great

  • Velvet Buzzsaw (Netflix)
  • Two Weeks Notice

Exhibitions I enjoyed visiting

  • Roman Vishniac Rediscovered at The Photographers’ Gallery (26 October – 24 February 2019) You might remember I already visited this captivating black and white photo exhibition a few months earlier. I was utterly captivated by Vishniac’s vast and detailed documentation of Jewish culture in Europe and the US before, during and after WWII. I just had to go see it again before it closed on 24 February!
  • Roman Vishniac Rediscovered at the Jewish Museum (26 October – 24 February 2019) The Vishniac photo exhibition consisted of two parts, the second part being shown at the Jewish Museum in Camden, London. While the topics of both exhibitions were the same, both collections had their own focus points. I felt that the show at the Jewish Museum had more personal photos in the exhibition. I’m glad I went to both locations and have seen the complete show.

Reflections February 2019 // Dutch Girl in London

Reflections February 2019 // Dutch Girl in LondonEntrance to Kazimierz, the Jewish district of Krakow, c.1935-38

Reflections February 2019 // Dutch Girl in London

  • Living with Buildings at the Wellcome Institute (4 October 2018 – 3 March 2019) The latest exhibition at the Wellcome explores the relationship between buildings, well-being and health. It offers a fascinating architectural travel through time. Starting from London’s 19th-century slums that were so hideous yet inescapable even Charles Dickens wrote about it, to the birth of British garden cities at the turn of the century, to the emergence of postwar tower blocks. If you’re interested in history, sociology, London and architecture, this show is a real must-see! And it’s for free so don’t miss your chance!

My favourite Instagram photos

Tell me, what have you been up this month?
I always enjoy reading your comments so please leave me a message below!
Thank you, Zarina xx

2 thoughts on “Reflections #6: Our New Worm Pets and Meeting My Tallest Fan

  1. Busy month again! I installed the ‘worm’ app, and I am still waiting till there are enough downloads. Very curious how this will sound!
    The exhibition of Roman Vishniac Rediscovered sounds really interesting and also impressive. I would go there as well.
    Is Thurston Moore your tallest fan?

    As for my month:
    I celebrated Chinese New Year on February 5th, since it was a thing Jim (RIP) and I always sort of did.
    I went to Kudelstaart (is close by) with an old friend of my sisters and me. Her husband died half year after Jim had passed so we can relate to each others feelings in this. It was a nice and sunny afternoon we spent at the side of the Aalsmeerderplas. Three times I went to eat at Woongroep De Eijk, a multicultural ‘woongroep’ for elderly people. Great food, Maroccan, Turkish, Afghan, and a great atmosphere. Next week is food from Iraq so I will attend for sure! Never before I was greeted with such warmth in a place where I literally knew nobody.
    I finished a quite large crochet work. Picture will follow on Instagram later on, first I have to finish another one since I was asked to crochet them both and I have to wait till they are collected before I can show them. One is a Hello Kitty and the one I am working on is a ‘Nijntje’. At the moment I have quite a few requests from people for things they asked me to crochet for them. A great compliment! I can see, looking back at what I have done till now I am really learning and my work is improving…
    My Canta had his yearly service, and is driving like a dream again! They gave me a new battery, the first one was still there, almost 8 years now that I have it. And it serves me so well, would not know what to do without it! Again made a trip to Betondorp Amsterdam to visit an old friend of mine.
    And last but not least: I truly enjoyed the first beautiful and warm days of the year. Spent a lot of time in the garden with the cat, enjoying the sunshine. Last year same time it was freezing ten degrees below Celcius! Really absurd!
    Until next month! Lots of love and lots of fun and beautiful sights on your trip with Robin! xx

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