The 10 Most Memorable Deaths in ‘Game of Thrones’

Game of Thrones 10 most memorable deaths // Dutch Girl in London

After an excruciatingly long wait, the start of Game of Thrones Season 8 is finally just only a few hours away. Without knowing the exact figures, I think it’s safe to say this final Game of Throne season is the most anticipated TV moment of the year worldwide. But what makes this series so successful?

Spoiler alert: don’t read this article if you haven’t seen Game of Thrones Season 1-7 yet but are interesting in watching it!

Besides the great amount of nudity, I think one of the main reasons is that it’s so unpredictable and manages to throw off its audience at any given time. We’ve learned quite early on not to get too attached to the characters as even the most loved ones can and will get killed. The first time this happened, the world was in complete shock. Who in their right mind would kill off the most likeable and loved characters in a TV series, and so early on too?

But as if seeing your most favourite character dying on screen isn’t painful and traumatising in itself, we are also forced to witness how they’re being slaughtered in the most horrific ways. Although I don’t condone any type of violence, let alone encourage to go out and murder people, I admit that these gruesome murders are one of the key reasons I’m so hooked to Game of Thrones.

Sometimes they’re almost Shakespearian, sometimes they resonate ancient Greek myths and sometimes they feel like they would fit in perfectly in the sadistic Saw film series. And because of this, slightly sick, fascination with the Game of Thrones murders, I’d like to help you prepare for its final season by jogging your memory and going through the 10 most memorable deaths so far.

The 10 most memorable deaths in Game of Thrones

First of all, five of the most unexpected and shocking deaths of some of our most beloved characters

The Red Wedding (Season 3, episode 9 The Rains of Castamere)

Topping this list is of course the infamous Red Wedding. This must have been the most discussed TV moment of 2013 and I’m sure it still haunts a great number of viewers to this day. Until this episode there was no doubt that the strong, sensible and sympathetic Robb Stark would be the victorious King of the North.

What makes this scene ever more tragic is that the family slaughtering is preceded by the joyous news that Robb’s wife, Talisa Stark, tells him she’s pregnant. Just a moments later, she becomes the first deadly victim in this epic blood bath, after being stabbed in her stomach several times.

Not impressed by Catelyn Stark’s threats and pleads, Walter Frey allows Robb to be stabbed to death and Catelyn’s throat to be slit. (‘Fortunately’ only after she managed to kill Frey’s wife.)

Can’t exactly remember this awful event? Then rewatch it here if you can bear to do so.

Jon Snow (Season 5, episode 10 Mother’s Mercy)

Season 5 finished with the awful death of the most loved leader from the North, Jon Snow. I watched the most unthinkable thing to happen in the series unfold in front of my eyes and felt truly awful and empty afterwards.

Resembling the historical assassination of Julius Caesar, Jon was betrayed horribly by his former friends and pupil. With this act, the creators had not only killed off my favourite protagonist but also one of my main reasons for watching Game of Thrones.

Thankfully, unlike Caesar, Jon knew a ‘friendly’ witch to bring him back to life again. However, I have this horrible feeling that he might not make it to the very end of the final season. What do you think?

Oberyn Martell (Season 4, episode 8 The Mountain and the Viper)

This was not only one of the most disgusting death scenes of the entire Game of Thrones series so far, but also one of the most grim endings to an episode. Martell enters a fight with The Mountain on behalf of Tyrion Lannister who’s accused of killing his (despicable) nephew Joffrey.

Oberyn Martell doesn’t take Tyrion’s place because they’re such good mates. No, his ulterior motive is that he’s seeking revenge for the death of his sister, Elia Martell, who was raped and murdered by The Mountain, right after he had killed her two children.

While it seems that the great warrior Oberyn has defeated The Mountain and the episode will finish with a happy ending, The Mountain unexpectedly gets hold of Oberyn. (It’s Game of Thrones, who are we kidding here?) The Mountain then kills Oberyn in such a horrific way that finishes with a horrible sight and a nasty *splush* sound.

Got the stomach to rewatch this scene? Then have a look here.

Khal Drogo (Season 1, episode 10 Fire and Blood)

Although I frowned upon the way he mistreated (and abused) his wife Daenerys in the early days of their marriage, Khal Drogo was one of the reasons I kept watching the series in the beginning. Although his death was absolutely necessary for the storyline and Daenerys’s transformation into the Mother of Dragons, it was a great blow for his fans (including me).

Hodor (Season 6, episode 5 The Door)

I admit, I didn’t particularly sympathise with gentle and ‘friendly giant’ Hodor until this very episode. I might have even considered him as being plain annoying… So, to me it wasn’t necessarily his death that made this scene so memorable for me, but more so its tragic revelation.

And now the five most memorable deaths of the Game of Thrones baddies

The Great Sept of Baelor burns with Wild Fire (Season 6, episode 10 The Winds of Winter)

Granted, not all victims of this mass execution orchestrated by evil mastermind and selfish vengeful b*tch Cersei were baddies. However, the majority were of course and hey, we can’t argue this was one of the most epic scenes of the entire series!

From the very first gentle music notes we could sense something big was upon us. And while the music developed and became more vivid and stirring, so did the on-screen events.

Joffrey Baratheon (Season 4, episode 2 The Lion and the Rose)

This must’ve been the most anticipated death of the whole series. At least, it was for me. Although I was pleased the creators got rid of the most despicable character of the series, I thought he got off way too easy. Little sadistic pr*ck that Joffrey was, he deserved a far more elaborate and painful death. But we can’t have it all, right? (I am a  peaceful person otherwise, honestly!)

Ramsay Bolton (Season 6, episode 9 Battle of the Bastards)

Compared to Joffrey’s death, the assassination of equally – or much bigger actually – sadistic cold-hearted killer Ramsay Bolton was far more rewarding. This monster got his just deserts when he was devoured by his own blood-thirsty dogs.

Tywin Lannister (Season 4 episode 10 The Children)

I never expected Tyrion Lannister to kill his own father, the powerful King Tywin Lannister. But I guess when your own father allows you to be sentenced to death for something he knew you were innocent of, and then steals your lover and calls them nasty names, you would want to take revenge as well. I found it quite ironic that the arrogant and pompous Tywin died with his pants down whilst going to the toilet.

Littlefinger (Season 7 episode 7 The Dragon and the Wolf)

In last season’s final episode we witnessed the surprising turn of events when Lord Baelish (or Littlefinger) was sentenced to death by Sansa Stark. Until just a few seconds before that, I thought that silly Sansa had been manipulated by silver-tongued Lord Baelish.

Littlefinger’s execution was just one of many huge unexpected plot twists of season 7. And no matter how the events will unfold, or who will ultimately succeed in laying claim on the Iron Throne, I except we will be in for a real treat with the final season. And probably with many more memorable deaths to follow too!

Will you be watching the final season of Game of Thrones as well?
Have fun if you do! Zarina xx

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  3. Esther van den Bergh

    I have to admit I have never seen an episode of Game of Thrones. It actually sounds like a series I would really appreciate, for I am a real SF/Fantasy fan and fan of mythes etc. Unfortunately I do not have Netflix and no budget for it either. Maybe one day…

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