Kindertransport statue Hamburg: The Final Parting by Frank Meisler

Photo of the Kindertransport statue in Hamburg. There are two groups of children. On the right stand five children made from a darker bronze. They have three small suitcases and a case for a musical instrument (looks like a violin case) with them. Two suitcases are open. One is empty, the other one has an armless doll in it without clothes. The children are all looking ahead of them towards the left. Only one boy is looking the other way. He's looking at the two children on the right block. These figures are made from a reddish bronze material. It's a boy and girl who stand at the edge of railway tracks. The boy is looking towards the right and is gently pushing the girl ahead who's turned around looking at the kids behind them and has her arm stretched out towards them. The boy and girl are both carrying a small suitcase in their hands.

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