Do you also often leave exhibitions feeling inspired to make art afterwards? I’m no painter nor would I be able to draw a decent still life if my own life depended on it, but whenever I visit a collage or photography show, I cannot wait to get home to start making work myself. The same happened to me last week when I visited the show ‘The Shape of Light: 100 Years of Photography and Abstract Art’ at Tate Modern. This show was the inspiration for my new Instagram account, focussing solely on black and white photography.

Following the sad death of Anthony Bourdain and many other celebrity suicide cases over the last years, I wanted to take a moment and dedicate some space on my website on the topic of depression. It’s far from a thoroughly researched article, but rather a direct response to Bourdain’s death written straight from the heart. Please read my thoughts in this blog post.

Ben jij een van die irritante mensen die al op jonge leeftijd wist wat je wilde worden? Het is je na die ene zin vast al heel duidelijk dat ik niet tot een van die mensen behoor. Nu ik (al bijna) groot ben, weet ik eigenlijk nog steeds niet wat ik ‘later’ worden wil. Onlangs had ik mijn jaarlijks terugkerend crisismoment waarop ik reflecteer op mijn leven en loopbaan. Hoe dat verliep, lees je hier.

How far would you go to be able to work with someone you admire? Would you give up your own promising career in the spotlight only to disappear behind the scenes, without getting any credits despite the painful amount of blood, sweat and tears you put into your work? Meet actor Leon Vitali, he dedicated his life to the work of Stanley Kubrick and was his right-hand man for 20 years. Tony Zierra’s documentary ‘Filmworker’ tells the untold story of Vitali, the hidden figure behind one of the most celebrated directors in film history.

Why I Can’t Bear the Question “But Where Are You REALLY From?

How often are you asked where you’re REALLY from? If I’d get a pound (or Euro) each time I was asked this, I would almost be able to afford a new iPhone with that money. Although by now I’m kind of used to that question, it really annoys and sometimes even hurts me. In this blog post I tell you why. (Click on the title to open the full post.)