memorial plaques in Postman’s Park, London

Collage of four photos of the Postman's Park memorial plaques. The top photo is in landscape and displays 8 plaques divided over 2 rows. The first row lists: Alice Ayres, John Cranmer, G Garnish, John Clinton. The second row lists: Godfrey Maille Nicholson, Soloman Galaman, James Bannister, Elizabeth Coghlam. Underneath the first photo are two photos in portrait next to each other. The one on the left shows the plaques for Thomas Griffin and Joseph Andrew Ford underneath each other. The photo on the right shows the plaques for Herbert Maconoghu and James Hewers underneath each other. The fourth and final photo is in landscape again. It displays 8 plaques in 2 rows. The first row lists: Sarah Smith, Rober Wright, Henry James Bristow, Joseph William Onslow. The second row lists: Arthur Regelous, Arthur Strange, John Slade, Daniel Pemberton

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