save money on plane tickets

On this page I share lots of tips & tricks that can save you lots of money on your plane tickets to London!

Monkey likes to save money as well.

Budget airlines not always cheaper!

Don’t automatically book with the so-called budget airlines because they might not be that much cheaper when you add up all the extras. Here’s how I always work out the best tickets:

  1. Always compare various airlines, both the well-known budget airlines but also the more expensive airlines as they might not be that much expensive (but save you lots of stress).
  2. Travelling with checked in luggage? Then look up what the airlines charge for this and add this to your travel costs. Buget airlines charge lots of money for checked in luggage while that’s often included in the price with the ‘more expensive’ airlines.
  3. Have a good look at hand luggage regulations. All airlines apply their own rules for size and weight. Compare the allowances and consider what works best for you and how that might affect the costs.
  4. In your own country you will have to travel to the airport. Upon arrival in London you will also have to travel from the airport to your hotel in (probably) central London. Add up these extra travel expenses as they can be very costly, depending on what airport you travel from/to! Especially the budget airlines tend to land far from central London and only offer the option of travelling by an extremely expensive express train. The ‘more expensive’ airlines often land at airports that offer cheaper travelling options into town.
  5. Head over to the page From airport to central London where I tell you per airport what the best options are for travelling to central London.
  6. When should you book your tickets? If you have time to search for your plane tickets during the day on a week day, do that! Most people only have time in the weekend, on holidays, in the evenings or during their lunch break to search for flights. Airlines are clever and change the price of the exact same flight constantly during the week. And to be clear: I don’t mean the travel dates, but the day and time you are actually at home searching for tickets on your computer. I know from experience that it’s worth it looking for the same flight over a variety of days/times as it can be cheaper to make a booking at for instance Tuesday afternoon 2pm instead of on your free Easter day!

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