5 films to look out for this autumn // Dutch Girl in London

5 Films to Look Forward to this Autumn

With the shorter days and fickle weather these last days, there’s no escaping that autumn is coming. And what better way to escape from the gloomy outside world than immersing yourself in the magic of cinema? Get some great film tips in today’s post about 5 films to look forward to this autumn!

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Memory Origins of Alien Ridley Scott documentary

Memory: The Origins of Alien

What is your favourite science fiction film? Mine is Ridley Scott’s ‘Alien’. Just like me, this iconic film turned 40 this year. And to celebrate this special event, director Alexandre O. Philippe made the documentary ‘Memory: The Origins of Alien’, showing never-before-seen materials, interviews and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage.

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Dutch sayings featuring food

My 10 Favourite Dutch Sayings Featuring Food

Following last year’s popular blog post ‘My 10 Favourite Dutch Sayings Featuring Animals’, here’s another look at some curious Dutch sayings. This time I chose My 10 Favourite Dutch Sayings Featuring Food! I also looked up the origins of each them in an attempt to make some sense of them. Tell me, what do you make of them?

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Samen met mijn vader op zijn 70e verjaardag

The Dutch Girl Tales #16: Nog even over Vaderdag

On the first Sunday of the month I always blog in Dutch. Today’s post is a belated Father’s Day blog post. // Huh, hoezo Vaderdag? Dat was toch al bijna een maand geleden? Ja, dat is wel zo, maar mijn vader kan niet zo goed Engels lezen. En daarom bewaarde ik dit onderwerp voor mijn Nederlandse blogdag. Want mijn vader is een bijzondere man en dat mag iedereen weten.

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