Interview with Claude Crommelin: East London’s Most Renowned Street Art Photographer

When photographer Claude Crommelin moved from Amsterdam to Shoreditch (East London) in 2008, he was overwhelmed by the amount of astonishing street art in the area. Motivated by the short lifespan of most of the works he bought his first digital photo camera and started to document the vibrant street art scene. In 2013 he published his book ‘New Street Art’ which was completely sold out in just three months. Read more about Claude and his book in the interview and also how you can win a copy of his recently re-issued book!

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Portrait of Graham Massey during our interview before his live performance with 808 State in Den Bosch, the Netherlands

Interview with Graham Massey: 808 State and the Development of Record-making

808 State, who take their name after the Roland TR-808 drum machine, are regarded as pioneers of acid house. They have been touring with their defining album ‘Ninety’ for the last year and last June I happened to be in the Netherlands when they played a show at W2 in Den Bosch. Before they were about to play an exciting live show, band member Graham Massey kindly agreed to do an interview with me. Here is part 1 of my interview with Graham!

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portrait Kim Newman

Interview with Writer and Film Critic Kim Newman

With Halloween around the corner, what could be more fitting than an interview with Kim Newman, an expert on fantasy and horror cinema? Being an acclaimed film critic, writer and broadcaster, Kim writes for magazines such as Empire and Sight & Sound, published a series of novels for which he’s been awarded several literary prizes and has written non-fiction books on […]

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Sam Peacock Roy's People interview // Dutch Girl in London

Steel Life: Sam Peacock and Roy’s People

A Dutch girl walks into a bar and joins a Yorkshireman, an Essexer and a Midlander… Not the beginning of a joke, but actually the start of an animated interview between fellow blogger Inspiring City, artists Sam Peacock, Roy’s People and myself. The setting was a trendy bar in a popular East London hotel and the […]

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Interview: Brian Johnson – Hollywood SFX Legend

Having been able to interview a Hollywood legend and Oscar winner must have been the highlight of my blogging career. It was my honour to speak to special effects maestro Brian Johnson. While it was never Brian’s intention to work in the film industry, he worked on some of the most significant science fiction films […]

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Street Art Museum Amsterdam

One of the best and most unexpected things this blog has brought me is the interaction with interesting and inspiring people all over the world. One of these has been Anna Stolyarova, a Ukrainian-born girl who’s been living in Amsterdam for 15 years now. A few years ago she decided to give up her glamorous career […]

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Happy 15th Birthday to my Favourite London Cinema!

Interview with Tyrone Walker-Hebborn, owner of Genesis cinema, about the fascinating history of the building and the East End of London. I’ve been living in London for over two years now and one of my favourite pastimes is going to the cinema. Not to any other cinema, but to my local independent cinema, Genesis Cinema in […]

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