Dutch sayings featuring food

My 10 Favourite Dutch Sayings Featuring Food

Following last year’s popular blog post ‘My 10 Favourite Dutch Sayings Featuring Animals’, here’s another look at some curious Dutch sayings. This time I chose My 10 Favourite Dutch Sayings Featuring Food! I also looked up the origins of each them in an attempt to make some sense of them. Tell me, what do you make of them?

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My 10 Favourite Dutch Sayings Featuring Animals

Have you ever wondered what some curious sayings and expressions in your language actually mean? I often treat hubby to some bizarre Dutch sayings, which sound even more curious when translated into English. Because I’m always interested in culture and etymology, I collected 10 of my favourite Dutch sayings, expressions, phrases or words that feature animals, and tried to look up their origins.

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Being Dutch in London

It’s already over 2.5 years ago that I moved to London. I thought that moving to another Western European country where they spoke a language I was fluent in, wouldn’t be too much of a challenge. Indeed it didn’t take me long to feel at home here and I can’t stop raving about what a […]

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