Mural on Mile End Road of famous people in Whitechapel, London history

Notable People of Whitechapel: London History

Steeped in history and intrigue, Whitechapel might be one of London’s most chronicled neighbourhoods. Formerly part of the infamous East End of London, Whitechapel has been home to several famous people. This article reveals the most notable Whitechapel figures and residents, from Jack the Ripper, to James Cook to Vladimir Lenin.

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the best things to do near London Bridge

Things to Do Near London Bridge (+ Free Map)

Following my list with things to do around Tower Bridge, here’s a your ultimate guide to the best things to do near London Bridge. This London guide covers common questions asked by first-time visitors to London, such as: What is there to do near London Bridge? And: What is near London Bridge Station? Find all the answers here!

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Portrait of my husband and I pulling silly faces

Reflections #19: Loco Lockdown Birthday Parties

On the last Sunday of the month I write my personal review of the previous four weeks. But what do you write about when one day just seems to blur into the other? Today’s blog post looks back at our birthday parties, the development of my (nearly visible?) sixpack and of course my monthly recommendations for films, series, books and music!

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