who’s that girl?

Hi, welcome! My name is Zarina, what is yours?

After having lived in several towns and cities all across the Netherlands, I moved to the UK in 2012. I launched my website Dutch Girl in London for very practical reasons: to have one central place with all the necessary travel information for all my Dutch friends and family who would come to visit me in London. I started writing regular London-related blog posts on the website, but also articles about street art, travelling, art & culture. A year after the launch of the blog, it was voted one of the top 11 best arts & culture blogs nationwide in the UK Blog Awards!

East London tours

When I moved to East London, I researched my new area just out of personal interest and was immediately fascinated with the rich cultural history of this neighbourhood. While East London is one of the trendiest neighbourhoods, where every street seems to be covered in the most beautiful works of art by world-famous street artists, you can still see the traces (if you know where to look!) of the immigrants who have played a crucial role in the history of the area.

In my Dutch-spoken tours I combine my personal historical research and add my own experience as an immigrant to the story. But don’t be scared, a tour with me won’t be a 1.5-hour long history lesson! This is East London, so expect many boutiques, loads of restaurants & pubs, cake shops, funky looking people and graffiti literally everywhere!  So, if you speak Dutch and are coming to London, do join me on a tour and discover this trendy and historical area in your own language! Find more information on routes, dates and prices on the tours page.

Cultural travel blog ‘Miss Travel Clogs’

Travelling was initially one of the main topics on my Dutch Girl in London website, but as  it was gradually starting to focus more on London and art & culture, I felt it was more suitable to launch a second website, entirely dedicated to travelling. On Miss Travel Clogs you can read my personal travel stories that focus on cultural city trips and road trips.

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