who’s that girl?

Born in Amsterdam (place A on the map), raised first of all in Heerenveen (B), a town in the most northern province of the country, and finally in the medieval city of Heusden (C) in the south of the Netherlands. I spent the largest part of my adult life in the vibrant city of Tilburg (D) and moved to London (E) in spring 2012. Follow my trail on the map below.
map of my migration across the Netherlands and to London

I studied English Literature & Translation Studies at Utrecht University, followed by Business Communication & Digital Media at Tilburg University.

My hobbies are cooking, eating, dancing flamenco, reading and going to concerts, the cinema, theatre and museums.


I have worked as an editor, translator and project manager for publishing houses and a translation agency in the Netherlands. Furthermore I have worked as a volunteer in coordinating roles at a film theatre in Tilburg (film education), film festivals and a Dutch health organisation. When I moved to London I worked as a translator at an international media company, but soon set up my own business and am a self-employed editor/writer, translator, event producer and project manager now. I’ve written a London travel guide for Dutch travel website Tix.nl and write articles about things to do in London for MasterCard.

London guide

Over the last years I have had many friends and family members visiting me and they all agreed that if I hadn’t lived in East London, they wouldn’t have thought of coming to this area. Each and everyone of them left absolutely in love with the area and now most of them stay here when they are back in London. Of course my recommendations for restaurants, pubs and galleries help in this 😀 That’s what gave me the idea to organise walking tours. When I moved here, I researched my new area just out of personal interest and learned about the rich cultural history of my neighbourhood. For centuries immigrants have come here to find refuge, work and a brighter future. These immigrants included many Dutch and Flemish people which made my research even more interesting. In my tours I combine this historical research and add my personal contemporary experience as an immigrant to the story. But don’t be scared, a tour with me won’t be a 2-hour long history lesson! This is East London, so expect many boutiques, loads of restaurants & pubs, cake shops, funky looking people  and graffiti literally everywhere!  So, if you speak Dutch and are coming to London, do join me on a tour and discover this trendy and historical area in your own language! Find more information on routes, dates and prices on the tours page.

If you are interested in my services as editor, translator, event producer or project manager, then contact me via email.


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