Duncan Laurence winner Eurovision Song Contest 2019

And the Winner Is: The Netherlands!

Unbelievable news! Dutch singer-songwriter Duncan Laurence is the winner of Eurovision Song Contest 2019! To celebrate this memorable event I explored the archives (thanks YouTube) and dug up all previous Dutch Eurovision winners. Great to see old footage dating back to 1957 already and see how much the Eurovision Song Contest has evolved over the years!

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Confessions of a Eurorack Virgin

Who doesn’t miss those days when you could still play with flashy toys that had all sorts of buttons you could push and turn, producing animal sounds and wild flickering lights without people staring at you? I’m returning to those childhood days this weekend as by the time you read this I’ll be happily twiddling some knobs, pressing colourful buttons and flicking switches in Barcelona. Exactly what, why and where, you find out in this article.

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4 Dutch Bands You Should Know

With the exception of DJs such as Armin van Buuren and DJ Tiësto, hardly any Dutch music acts/bands are known internationally. This is a real shame as there are lots of bands out there that deserve international recognition. Therefore I’m sharing with you in this post four Dutch bands you should know!

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Portrait of Graham Massey during our interview before his live performance with 808 State in Den Bosch, the Netherlands

Interview with Graham Massey: 808 State and the Development of Record-making

808 State, who take their name after the Roland TR-808 drum machine, are regarded as pioneers of acid house. They have been touring with their defining album ‘Ninety’ for the last year and last June I happened to be in the Netherlands when they played a show at W2 in Den Bosch. Before they were about to play an exciting live show, band member Graham Massey kindly agreed to do an interview with me. Here is part 1 of my interview with Graham!

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Rocktober 2013 // Dutch Girl in London

My Favourite Rock Scenes in Films

Last month I shared some of my favourite music scenes in films with you and asked you what YOUR favourite music scenes were. I had lots of responses on social media relating to this and the post proved to be very popular indeed and definitely deserved a follow-up. As I am a big fan of […]

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My Favourite Music Scenes in Films

It’s a common fact that music triggers memories. Hearing back a song from your childhood can bring back sweet memories of your family or a memorable day with friends. For example, the tunes of Mr Brightside by The Killers instantly take me back to that legendary summer day at Rock Werchter Festival in 2007 where my friends and I saw […]

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