Going through my street art photo archive recently inspired me to start a new blog post series: Same Wall, Different Street Artist. As the name suggests, this series will show you how exactly the same wall is transformed by different artists over time.

Let’s kick off this series with murals on Thai restaurant Kinkao on Pedley Street in Shoreditch, one of the spots I always visit on my street art wanderings around Brick Lane.

In the last year the London street art scene has expanded over the entire city, even into areas previously hardly known to the average Londonder or tourist. While Shoreditch in east London is still the most significant go-to area to see the best works on display, there’s also a fine selection of excellent art in Walthamstow in far north-east London. In this post I lead you along the amazing street artworks in E17.

Shoreditch-based StolenSpace Gallery is one of my regular go-to destinations during my street art walks. Featured artists all come from or are inspired by ‘underground’ culture such as graffiti writing and street art. The same goes for their current show ‘The New Pollution’ by Australian artist Ben Frost, which criticises the amount of urban refuse and unwanted advertising (pollution) that forces its way into our private lives on a daily basis.

When my husband recently went to France for work and had to change trains at Paris Gare de l’Est, he came across a big free street art exhibition just outside of the station called Art Liberté. Being the good husband he is, he documented it for his street art-obsessed wife on his phone while dragging a suitcase and guitar through the busy Parisian streets. Here are the photos he took with more background information on the artists and their work.

My street art explorations mostly focus on the streets of Shoreditch, the epicentre of the London street art scene. I noticed from photos on social media that Camden has been emerging as a new popular destination for street artists. Under the guidance of Camden Street Art Tour I recently ventured off to north London to see what great works this area has to offer.