Exhibition: The New Pollution by Ben Frost

Shoreditch-based StolenSpace Gallery is one of my regular go-to destinations during my street art walks. The bright and industrious space really complements the artworks on the wall. Featured artists all come from or are inspired by ‘underground’ culture such as graffiti writing and street art. The same goes for their current show ‘The New Pollution’ by Australian artist Ben Frost, which criticises the amount of urban refuse and unwanted advertising (pollution) that forces its way into our private lives on a daily basis.

Ben Frost Viagra Mr Burns Simpsons StolenSpace Gallery London
Viagra Burns by Ben Frost

The majority of the works in the show are painted on medicine and food packages and luxurious fashion bags. These objects are considered as ‘polluters’ for different reasons: on the one hand they are polluters in the literal sense of the word in that they are often found in the urban environment, while on the other hand they also reflect our relationship with these products and what they once held. Take these crying women on the Valium and Quaalude packages below for instance. They ‘reflect our quick-fix obsession with mental health’.

Valium Lover Quaalude Lover Ben Frost StolenSpace Gallery London
Valium Lover & Quaalude Lover by Ben Frost

Fast food packaging depict either graphic sexual acts/messages or sad women, which ‘express our distaste for their product’.

Ben Frost Wasted Youth McDonald's StolenSpace Gallery London
Wasted Youth by Ben Frost

The insane clowns and depressed women on the fashion bags are ‘metaphors for the lengths we go to look beautiful’.

Chanel & Dior bags Ben Frost StolenSpace Gallery London

Chanel and Dior bags from left to right:
row 1: Coco Pops, Somewhere In Space, Sale, Disconnect 
row 2: Excess, Fashion Lover, The Day You Went Away, Fashion Victim
row 3 features icons taken from Shepard Fairey and comics: Obey Chanel, Joker, Bat Out of Hell, Cowabunga

Ben Frost OxyCookie Cookie Monster Sesame Street StolenSpace Gallery London
OxyCookie by Ben Frost

The exhibition appealed to me on various levels. First of all there’s the primary visual level: the paintings are bright, bold and portray funny cartoon figures. Then look beyond the surface and recognise how by isolating famous mainstream icons from advertising and entertainment and re-contextualing them, Frost creates a confronting and controversial statement.

His works are clearly inspired by pop-art and his big-eyed, desperate looking women made me think of the work of Roy Lichtenstein. Also his choice for using medicine packaging reminded me of Damien Hirst‘s installations that re-create pharmacies and medicine cabinets.

Ben Frost Powerpuffer Powerpuff Girls StolenSpace Gallery London
Powerpuffer by Ben Frost
Better Living Through Chemistry Ben Frost StolenSpace Gallery London
Better Living Through Chemistry by Ben Frost
Krispy Kreme Mickey Mouse on Zoloft Love: 100 Tablets Cocaine: justonemorebump Ben Frost StolenSpace Gallery London
From left to right: Krispy Kreme, Mickey on Zoloft, Love: 100 Tablets & Cocaine: Justonemorebump by Ben Frost
Ben Frost Mickey on Zoloft, Love: 100 Tablets Valium Lover Quaalude Lover Cocaine: Justonemorebump Black Cock/Burger King StolenSpace Gallery London
From left to right: Mickey on Zoloft, Love: 100 Tablets, Valium Lover, Quaalude Lover, Cocaine: Justonemorebump & Black Cock/Burger King by Ben Frost
Ben Frost Milk duds Larger size Avoid Alcohol Forbidden Fruit StolenSpace Gallery London
Milk duds, Larger size, Avoid Alcohol & Forbidden Fruit by Ben Frost
Ben Frost Store In A Dark Place Vicodin Dreams Morphine Tears StolenSpace Gallery London
Collage of Store In A Dark Place, Vicodin Dreams & Morphine Tears by Ben Frost

If you want to see more of Ben Frost’s playful mash-up, collage-style, pop-art works (and the more ‘spicy’ paintings that I avoided posting here and on social media), then I highly recommend a visit to the exhibition at StolenSpace Gallery. The show is on till 2 August, free access.

BEN FROST website

17 Osborn Street
London E1 6TD

Monday: CLOSED
Tuesday – Saturday: 11:00am – 7:00pm
Sunday: 11:00am – 6:00pm

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5 thoughts on “Exhibition: The New Pollution by Ben Frost

  1. Your analysis of his works are amazing and I love the way you’ve integrated the photos into your post, can’t wait to read more!

    I want to go see this exhibition so badly but I’m on holiday until the 2nd August-im majorly bummed 🙁

    Soph x

  2. Wow. That is pretty impressive to look at. I would have loved to come to the exhibition but it’s unlikely I’m gonna be in London before August 2nd..:)

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