Same Wall Different Street Artist #2: Hanbury Street (Shoreditch)

In today’s post I’ll be sharing with you photos from my street art archive as part of my series Same Wall, Different Street Artist. In the first article for this series, I took you to Pedley Street in Shoreditch, east London, and showed you how different artists had taken over one specific wall over several years. If you missed that one, you can the read the article here.

Today we’re off to the north side of Hanbury Street, on the crossing with Brick Lane, again in east London. It seems that these murals have been facilitated by 31_thirteen.
The dates you see are the dates of when I photographed the works, not of when they were painted.

If you’re into street art, then you must definitely go to Hanbury Street to see the wall featured in this post, but also to see the epic larger than life murals by ROA (right) and Martin Ron (left) on the photo below..


3 December 2012 Bom.K and Liliwen

This incredible mural was a collaboration between French artists Bom.K of the DMV crew and Liliwenn. It’s well over three years ago they painted this, but it’s still one of my favourite street artworks. I love the colours and the ‘patchwork’ female portraits made up from some eerie stuff. (I do have a particular preference for the more sinister works.)


21 July 2013 Alexis Diaz a.k.a. La Pandilla

A few months later the mural was replaced by this stunning ‘Octophant’ by Puerto Rican artist Alexis Diaz. The creature has been hand-painted using small brushes to draw the probably thousands of lines. You should see the close-up photos on the Hookedblog website to appreciate the time and work the artist put into this piece.


30 May 2014 RONE

The Diaz’s fantasy figure was replaced a few months later by yet another beautiful mural, this time by Australian artist RONE. He created this work when he was in London for the opening of his solo show at StolenSpace Gallery near Hanbury Street.


3 October 2014 Eelus

This is an artist I’m not that familiar with, which is not that surprising as this was Eelus‘ first piece of street art again after four years. The Brighton-based artist wasn’t too pleased with this work as you can read here on his own website.


4 November 2014 Edwin

Just a month later Eelus’ angel was replaced by this collage by Australian artist Edwin. He based his work on the address labels of the United States Postal Service.


28 May 2015 Pixel Pancho & Evoca1

It was in 2014 I first saw works by Italian artist Pixel Pancho popping up around east London. I was immediately drawn to his style, inspired by Surrealist painters, and was very pleased to see this collaborative work with Miami-based Evoca1.

Typical for Pixel Pancho’s works, this mural features robotic creatures. It was created while the artist was in town for his solo exhibition at StolenSpace Gallery.


8 July 2015 Alexis Diaz & Elian Chali

Last sumer Alexis Diaz returned to Hanbury Street, this time together with Argentinian artist Elian. Both artists were in London for their group show at Mya Gallery in east London.


10 February 2016 Neist & Asebueno

It’s very typical that on the day of posting this article, I later walked by this wall and saw a new piece up after months! This just proves the fleeting nature of street art. This latest addition is by Neist and Asebueno with the support of Global Street Art.


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