Portrait of my husband and I pulling silly faces

Reflections #19: Loco Lockdown Birthday Parties

On the last Sunday of the month I write my personal review of the previous four weeks. But what do you write about when one day just seems to blur into the other? Today’s blog post looks back at our birthday parties, the development of my (nearly visible?) sixpack and of course my monthly recommendations for films, series, books and music!

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How do you deal with grief at Christmas

When the Magic of Christmas Is Gone

From a young age, we’re told Christmas is the one time of the year we need to spend with our loved ones. But no one prepares you for that time when your loved ones are no longer there. Having lost several family members to cancer, Christmas isn’t that obvious ‘merry’ time for me. In this blog post I’m talking about coping with grief at Christmas.

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Wat wil jij later worden als je groot bent? // Dutch Girl in London

Growing up in the Netherlands as a Second-Generation Immigrant

It’s funny to realise that while I might be a first-generation immigrant here in the UK, growing up in the Netherlands I was in fact a second-generation immigrant. I don’t think I’ve ever been discriminated. I’ve only experienced some of your ‘normal’ degree of prejudice at the most. But there are some moments that I still remember to this day that made me realise I had a different ethnical background than most of my Dutch classmates.

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