Alternative and Arthouse Halloween Film Tips

Besides dressing up and devouring tons of sweets, there’s no better way to celebrate Halloween than by watching a scary film. However, what would you watch if you are a bit of a scaredy pants, like me, but still want to join in the Halloween movie fun? Well, then you might enjoy one of the films on my alternative and arthouse Halloween film list!

Note that the ‘ratings’ in this post are based on an adult audience. According to official audience ratings, the films aren’t suitable for Under 15s.

1. Arthouse Halloween film tip: A Ghost Story

Ghost Story Casey Affleck Halloween

Hiding underneath this sheet (speaking of a cheap Halloween outfit!) is Casey Affleck. Despite not always being able to understand what he’s saying, he is one of my favourite actors. His acting is always on pointe and he seems to choose his films well, and A Ghost Story is no exception.

This rather unique film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival 2017 and is definitely one of my favourite films of the year. Although in a way not much happens in this very slow-moving film, it kept me thinking for many days afterwards.

While some might think the sheet-covered ghost is a cheesy depiction of a spirit (for which the director was actually inspired by the Japanese animation Spirited Away), I think the simplicity of the spirit’s appearance emphasises his complex internal conflicts.

This film is more like a love story and coming-of-death (I think I just invented a new genre!), rather than a horror film. A definite must-see if you’re into arthouse films, be it Halloween or not!

2. Iranian djinns in foreign-language Halloween film: Under the Shadow


This spine-chilling horror film with dozens of hide-behind-the-pillow moments (at least for me) is by far the scariest film on this list.

Set in 1988 in Iran during the Iran-Iraq war, the story follows a mother and her young daughter while the father is in military service.

Although there are some elements in the film that reminded me a bit of Japanese horror films such as The Ring and The Grudge, this Iranian-British production cleverly combines historical events, folklore, and psychological struggles, making it more than your average supernatural horror film.

The majority of the film is situated in an apartment block in a heavily bombed area. When most of the residents decide to move out to safer areas, the mother and daughter remain behind alone – almost alone that is.

3. Shakespearean-inspired Halloween film: Theatre of Blood

Warning: contains a Game of Thrones season 6 spoiler

Theatre of blood Vincent Price movie horror Halloween

A horror film list wouldn’t be complete without one of the greatest classic horror actors, Vincent Price. In this black comedy Price plays a humiliated Shakespearean actor who decides to give the theatre critics their just deserts and murders them in the same fashion as some Shakespearean murders.

Unfortunately for those critics, The Bard invented quite some gruesome ways to die. If you think that scene in Game of Thrones season 6 of Walter Frey eating a pie that contains the meat of his own sons was so original, I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you. This rather nasty meal already featured in Shakespeare’s tragedy Titus Andronicus (and an adapted version of it is served in Theatre of Blood), probably The Bard’s most violent play. Just to illustrate: when it was performed in The Globe Theatre in London in 2014 over a hundred people fainted or were overcome by the level of extreme violence.

4. Zombie comedy Halloween film: Shaun of the Dead

Shaun of the dead simon pegg edgar wright zombie movie halloween

This British comedy zombie film by director Edgar Wright was the first instalment of the so-called ‘Three Flavours Cornetto’ film trilogy featuring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

We see how the life of loser Simon Pegg is falling apart when his girlfriend dumps him. Not to mention the fact that hordes of zombies are suddenly roaming the streets and decide to make his stepfather one of them. Together with roommate Nick Frost they go out to save his loved ones.

Expect fast edits, witty jokes and some unexpected twists.

5. Vampire mockumentary: What We Do in the Shadows

What we do in the shadows movie vampire halloween

You might think you know there’s all to know about vampires, but I beg to differ. Besides their alternative sleep pattern (after all, vampires don’t fare well in daylight of course), have you ever considered the frustrations vampires experience on a day-to-day basis? For instance, how do you check your outfit when you can’t see your reflection in the mirror?

This hilarious New Zealand mockumentary follows four vampire housemates. One of them is played by Jemaine Clement, who also starred in the brilliant TV series Flight of the Conchords (the band’s coming to the UK in March 2018!). For a more detailed review of this film, read my older article on this blog Film Review: What We Do in the Shadows.

Do you have any alternative Halloween film tips that wouldn’t be too scary for me? Then please leave me a comment below!
Thanks, Zarina xx

7 thoughts on “Alternative and Arthouse Halloween Film Tips

  1. I am not at all a fan of horror movies, but I was pleasantly surprised by a new blogpost of you! As it happens, I just spoke about you earlier today, about this blog (and hubby of course 😉😀) and how it can brighten my day(s).
    Always good to read your writings! Even if I am not a fan of the subject!
    Lots of love! 😘 Esther

    1. Ah that’s sweet, thank you! When I was younger, I loved horror films, but I’m too scared nowadays 😉 You might enjoy the last three films I mention here as they’re not scary, but rather (black) comedies. I’m sure you won’t stop laughing during the last two films 🙂 xx

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